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    Yoga Therapy - Massage Therapy - Detox - customized just for you...

    “Yoga is more than just postures on a mat, it is a way of life. its different for everyone – that’s why I call it Your Yoga. The only common thread two people will see is meditation. And even that is different for everyone, its not just about sitting with our eyes closed and fingers in a mudra. Once you are on the path, you will know what you need. I will simply just show you the way to the path, and point, there it is!” Stacia

  • Yoga Therapy + Meditation + Massage Therapy

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    Structure + Function

    Your Yoga assures the body-mind-spirit is functioning at 100% efficiency. Your Yoga finds the weak spots, eliminating negative patterns.

    Your Yoga creates an individualized system specialized for each person and their needs. Practiceof the Your Yoga system brings about mental and spiritual rejuvenation. Pure clarity and connection to the mind, body andspirit, creating time and space.

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    Why choose Stacia?

    Spend an hour with her and find your own reason why.

    Stacia will design a total system for you, including
    exercise, yoga,meditation, massage, along with meal planning. Maybe you need all of those, maybe you just need one. Stacia will show you the path to bridge the gaps for a healthier and more productive life.

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    Hindu and Buddhist philosophy

    Started at a very young age

    At the age of 14 Stacia attended her first yoga class and a few years later made her first trip to India to study with traditional Yoga Maters. Nearly every year since she makes the journey back to India and Nepal to see her teachers. She considers herself a lifelong student and enjoys passing these teachings in her classes and to her private clients. She has been serving health-conscious practitioners for more than 15 years.

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    East Africa Residency

    Worldwide recognition

    From 2001 to 2015 Stacia resided and organized wellness retreats at her yoga retreat center in Tanzania, East Africa and organized custom yoga Safaris for her international clients to places like Serengeti, Zanzibar Tanzania andLamu Island Kenya. Stacia teaches internationally in the USA, United Kingdom and Australia.

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    Stacia is..

    much more than just a yoga teacher…​

    She believes in forming unique and sincere relationships with her clients to better understand the various needs of each person. Practicing with Stacia means trust and confidentiality. Her clientele includes a wide array of practitioners from judges to sports, figures, actors, CEO’sand housewives. The personal connection and deep understanding of traditional yoga method iswhat sets Stacia apart from the rest.

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    Knowledge of Eastern traditional modalities

    Masters, Rinpoche’s and Swami’s.

    Her teachers include a mix of both Eastern and Western masters including Master Hwa Shin, Baba Mohanji, Rinpoche Abbay, Tsewang Gyalsten, Sri Patraji, Dr babaji, Padmashree Siddhyog Peeth, Master Hwashin, Swami Anand Arun, as well as Louise Ellis and Danny Paradise.

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    Breathing Space Tanzania

    In 2001 Stacia founded Yoga Tanzania™ and pioneered the yoga revolution in Tanzania, East Africa. She started by teaching the expatriate community living in Arusha as well as those working for the UN and EU. Soon she began bringing groups and hosting yoga instructors from all over the globe for safaris and retreats in Tanzania. Now yogaTanzania has blossomed, after more than a decade of serving yogis, into more than just a retreat destination. After years of organizing yoga retreats and safaris, Stacia has cherry pickeda handful of locations around Tanzania & Kenya that offer the highest quality experience, food andservice. yogaTanzania was voted in the top 5 retreat destinations in 2007. Breathing Space transports participants to Tanzania's most breathtaking locations with the style and personal attention that are hallmarks of Breathing Space. Your customised retreat will evolve based on its participants and the experiences each wish to take with them when they return to daily life, refreshed and empowered, to their own life.

  • Iris – Germany

    “When Stacia came to my house for the first time, we talked and I was amazed how quickly she noticed that my respiratory system is my weak spot. We did breathing exercises and a combination of postures specific to my condition. She guided me with calmness and patience through the session (all that with a lovely soothing voice). No joke: after the session I looked much more radiant..And on top of all this, it was a lot of fun too. Yoga bliss at home…”

    Stefan - Germany

    "Before we met Stacia, I didn’t even know I loved yoga. She didn’t just welcome our baby, she made her part of our yoga class. She opens a path for you to discover your body and expanding it’s possibilities, all while giving you the room you need to breathe. I cannot recommend her highly enough.“

    Barbara Napa Valley California

    "You gave us all so much - a place to be together and peaceful, to stretch and breathe and to meet all of your very cool yoga friends.The Lamu trips were great memories of mine. Also our trip to Natron, driving across the lava flow as the volcano sputtered and sitting in the soda stream - we had great time. I always say you saved so many of us from genocidal madness. How do we write that into a testimonial? I always remember you saying that if I just did the child's pose 20 minutes a day it would be a benefit - and it has been."

    Ian - Chicago

    “Stacia is one of the few teachers I’ve had that can so seamlessly blend an intense physical yoga practice with deeper elements of spirituality and meditation, all while turning the process into a fun activity. She has an amazing ability to relate her teachings in ways that are always easily understood and leave a lasting impression.
    Stacia’s sessions will have you looking, thinking, and most importantly
    feeling, like a new person.

    Kate - United Kingdom

    "If you want to be surrounded by someone who relaxes you, humours you and helps you connect with what matters spend time with Stacia...”

    Annelies - Holland

    I met Stacia some 15 years ago at her forest home on the foothills of Mt Meru, Tanzania East Africa. I was far from myself, my inner power and knew not much about a healthy lifestyle. Stacia very easily changed my vision to life to a much better place where we practised yoga and meditation. Her voice and calmness and incredible vision on the human body and mind and the connection thereof made me change into a much happier and healthier lifestyle.